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Corperate Yoga 

”Yoga gives me a break from work. I usually sit down most of the day, so it’s good to be encouraged to get up and stretch!”

So, what is corperate yoga? Well, it’s yoga within your own company: Yoga that’s tailored to fit the busy working day and to be inviting and accessible for all employees. Participants don’t need to have any previous experience of yoga. Most important is the desire to learn to do some exercises, at a gentle pace, that focus on releasing tension in the neck, shoulders and back regions.

Why should your company offer yoga? Well, it’s yoga that can help prevent stress and painful tension and thus, release new energy. In-house corperate yoga takes place in a relaxed and congenial atmosphere. Participants get a physical and mental break through training and learning to ’let go’ of muscle tension. And, offering corperate yoga helps create an attractive work-place with a profile for social responsibility.

So, how does it work? Well, together, we choose the model of yoga courses best suited to your company. Classes that can take place during, or outside of, working hours , individually, or in a single or several groups. Yoga massage can also be incorporated.


What’s needed, for you to be able to offer yoga to your employees? Well, all that is necessary is the provision of a warm, dry room, with ample place on the floor for the Yoga mats. In the summer periods, it’s also possible to carry out the training outdoors.


What will it cost? The fees is 1000 per hour, which includes our travel costs over the Capital Region of Denmark. And Yoga Mats can be purchased or hired from us, at Free-Flow.


If you have queries or any special requests/requirements, relating to courses, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at Free-Flow Yoga, by mail at or directly by phone on +45 26187966.


All courses can be carried out in English or Danish.

N.B. All Yoga Training is free of V.A.T. (Danish Moms). VAT = Value-Added Tax)

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